Devil’s Slew

genre/noir, St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2011

Reviews for Devil’s Slew, St.Martin’s/Minotaur

“. . . Wimberley knows his weaponry, swamp terrain and small-town prejudices better than most. If hard-boiled is what you’re after, Raines qualifies as the black hero du jour.”–Kirkus Reviews


“Vivid descriptive prose and a keen ear for local dialect distinguish Wimberley’s explosive fifth mystery featuring African-American special agent Barrett  Raines… Bear  knows every inch and most of the diverse inhabitants of his seven-county northwestern Florida jurisdiction, including Quentin Hart, an Afghanistan War vet who takes his girlfriend hostage in his trailer in a swamp area known as Devil’s Slew…” Publishers’ Weekly


“. . .  Wimberley captures the 3rd District with its slash pines, blacktop roads, abandoned double-wides, vine-tangled bogs and endemic poverty with compelling accuracy. . . Wimberley weaves a tight web of a story, with flashes of fear and churning violence, but he also takes the time to spool out the telling details of his characters. They range from the Harley-riding vet with her Bible and memories of grinding sugarcane, to the middle-aged kayaking game wardens who make a particularly grisly discovery hauling litter out of the Gulf. . .”   P.G. Koch


“Darryl Wimberley’s fifth book, Devil’s Slew, is a true hard hitting mystery that kept me reading. FDLE agent, Bear Raines is forced to kill an old friend’s son. Is the death tied to a missing Treasury Department agent, a Mexican drug cartel, a rogue group of Marines, or a major counterfeiting operation? There were several twist to this fast moving plot that I did not expect. Wimberley knows the flora, fauna, and culture of the Panhandle well. He also has done his research with law enforcement operations which makes this a smooth read. This is a very well written and researched true mystery that takes the reader from their home, to the Panhandle of Florida. Probably the biggest mystery is; why haven’t I heard of Bear Raines before now?”  M. Hammond, for



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